6 Tips on How to Clean Tile Grout

tile grout cleaningOur showers, bathrooms and even our kitchens are the source of pride for any homeowner or homemaker. One of the main problems encountered is how to make them immaculately clean and stain free. We are one of the many homeowners who want to get rid of that unsightly mold and mildew from our tile grout. Read on these 6 easy tips on how to clean and get rid of those unsightly stains on our tile and shower grout.

6 Tips To Clean Your Grout

One tip is to use a bleach solution in a spray bottle. We use a diluted 1:2 ratio of bleach to water. We spray this on the problem area, let it stay for twenty minutes and then we rinse it off. If we have colored tiles in our home, we can use oxygenated bleach or bleach with a color guard feature.

Another tip is to use vinegar and paper towels. These are readily available and easy to use. Dampen the paper towels with distilled white vinegar and paste them on the walls. Let  this sit for a couple of hours and the stains will be gone. This method has both its strong and weak points. A weak point is that it takes hours to finish the work and we have to use a lot of paper towels and white vinegar. A strong point is that this process is not harsh and vinegar is an organic and environment-friendly cleaner.

how to clean groutStill another tip for cleaning tile and shower grout is using a grout pen with a water proof epoxy. A lot of these are easily bought from hardware stores. They are great for specific problem areas. These pens seal the damaged surface of the tile grout and even bring back its original color and shine! If you’re thinking of using grout pens, buy a couple since these covers about 50 meters or a hundred feet per pen, and they have a standing time of 24 hours before you can normally use the shower or bathroom.

Lemon juice is a mild product for tile cleaning. Just  apply this to the affected area, let it sit for about 15 minutes and then wipe it off with a damp sponge. We can repeat this process before thinking of changing to harsher cleaning products that may cause discoloration and damage.

The fifth tip for homemakers is to use baking soda paste. Just make a paste out of ordinary baking soda, water or vinegar as the solvent mixed with a bit of table salt for that extra scrubbing power. We apply this to tile grout. This is especially great for those small hard to reach crevices and black spots on the grout. We just apply it and then we rinse and dry the area.

A general tip for cleaning tile grout is to choose the best product and procedure for the task at hand. Some homemakers are overzealous and immediately opt for the harsher cleaning products, when the milder products with a bit of elbow grease will work wonders for tile and shower grout.

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