5 Hints to Teach You the Best Way to Clean Grout

Tile and grout need cleaning regularly to have a nice looking kitchen and bathroom. Below are 8 hints to help teach you the best way to do grout cleaning:

the best way to clean grout

  • Before you begin cleaning the grout, it is a good idea to get the tile and grout a little wet. This will help to loosen the debris and dirt that might be stuck in the tile. It is best not to use to muck water. Usually a spray bottle will work the best. If you are damping the tile and grout with a mild grout cleaner, it will also have some time to disinfect the tile and kill the bacteria.
  • Another hint is to use a bristled brush to scrub at the grout directly. This will help you to more effectively remove dirt, mold, and mildew out of the cracks. Typically, brushes work a lot better than coarse sponges.
  • After cleaning out the cracks, the next step is to rinse the grout off. Be careful to do this quickly and not leave water on the tiles for a long time. Less water will also make the tiles easier to dry off.
  • Focus on well trafficked and high use areas first. It is not necessary to divide your cleaning time equally. This will help you stop mold and mildew build up. It will also help you do the clean up a lot faster.
  • Cleaning tile and grout on a regular basis will also make the job seem a lot easier and faster. If you like, it is also nice to listen to the radio or music while you clean. This takes the stress out of cleaning, and can make the job a lot more enjoyable to do. If it is a large job, you may also want to wear some knee pads or place your knees on a pillow.  Tiles floors are quite hard on our knees if the job is large and we are not used to it.

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