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How To Grout Bathroom Tile

Learning how to grout bathroom tile is very important. The bathroom is one place in your home that gets special attention. If the grout isn’t done properly, this could easily be damaged by water.

Easy Steps To Grout Bathroom Tile

how to grout tileLearning how to grout tile and then sealing it are the two crucial steps in your bathroom tiling job. Although not a hard task to do, you may want to do an effective job because your work will speak for itself. In addition, you will save a lot of money in the future if you do your job well now.

STEP # 1 – The first step in grouting your bathroom is selecting the type of grout to use. If you are grouting floor tile, you may use  sanded grout.

Sanded grout has sand in it for added strength. For bathroom walls, a non-sanded grout will do. For added beauty, you may use grout with different color than your tiles. If your tiles have a lighter color, then choose a dark-colored grout and vice-versa. This will emphasize your tiles’ geometric pattern. Also, if you are grouting in a high-traffic area, avoid light-colored grout since they will get dirty very easily, giving you a hard time scrubbing it clean in the near future.

STEP # 2 – Next, be sure to read the label carefully for the mixing direction. Just mix in small batches since grout is only effective within 40 minutes. After this, grout mixtures will dry off, making it hard for you to apply. Mixing grout is just like making dough. Just add enough water to make a paste. Mix until no powder is visible. Be sure not to add too much water to it.

STEP # 3 – You may use a grout bag to apply the grout to the gaps or joints. Then use a rubber float to rub down the grout into the joints. Remove excess grout by scraping it with the edge of the rubber float.

STEP # 4 – Most often, grout needs about 15 minutes to dry. After this, use a sponge and plain water to remove any grout residue of your tiles that may cause tile haze also. Be careful not to put too much pressure on the newly set grout until your bathroom tiles are ready to use.

how to grout bathroom tileSTEP # 5 – If you still want to put more protection on your grout, you may wait for two days before you use your bathroom. This is called curing time. This is important for the next step that you are going to do – sealing. Using a brush bottle, apply a deep-penetrating grout sealer to the grout lines. Grout sealers are excellent prevention for fungi and mildew growth especially on shower floors and walls. This will also make the entire tile surface water-resistant. A coat or two will do the job. After the second coating is dry, you are now ready to enjoy your bathroom.

For more reading and a sample video on grouting tile, please read our post on How To Grout Tile Floor .

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