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Easy Tips for Grouting Tile

how to apply grout on tilePeople with no experience on how to grout tile may find the challenge somewhat daunting. This is the reason a lot of people will opt to hire someone else to the job. But with these easy-to-follow tips, grouting  is a lot easier to do, and can also save you money.

TIP # 1 – Select the right grout for the job. There are two types you can use. If the tiles are large floor tiles, you need to use the sanded-grout type. This type has sand fortified with adhesive to make it stronger to withstand pressure and dampness. If your tiles are smaller or are on the wall or countertop, you need only to use non-sanded types. This type is also made from Portland cement and is either white or light cream in color.

TIP # 2 – Do not be afraid about the mixing process. Just mix it with enough water to make a paste that has a thick batter-like consistency. Try to add the water to the cement and don’t use all the cement at the same time, if you add too much water and need to thicken it up. Also read the directions on the label before starting. Reading and following it can prevent you from ruining your grout or wasting it.

TIP # 3 – Mix only a small batch at a time. When grouting tile, some grout have short usable time, so do not mix the entire package. Mix about 20-30 minutes worth of grouting mixture at a time. (You don’t want it to dry out.) Also, mixing smaller batch at a time gives you some periods of rest in between mixing.

TIP # 4 – You can apply the grout directly to the joints with a float, or if you think it is easier, you can use a grout bag, very similar to pastry bags used by bakers. Put your mixed grout inside the bag and squeeze it into the gaps or joints. Immediately rub it down in a circular motion using a rubber float, or often called a grout float. Apply with pressure. After applying, scrape extra grout from the tile surface using the edge of the float.

TIP # 5 – After about 20 minutes or so, follow through with a large damp sponge to remove grout residue and prevent tile haze. (Sponge should only be slightly damp.)

TIP # 6 – To make sure that your tile grouting cures properly, do not use the area yet. Give it time to cure for about 24-48 hours. After this, you may apply 2 or 3 coats of grout sealant to seal and protect the grout. Let the sealant dry off after each application. After the second application, your tiles are ready for use. Grout sealants are the best way to prevent mildew and fungal growth which will stain your grout.

More Tips When Grouting Tile

TIP # 7 – Regarding the color of your grout, you may choose a color that best accents your tiles. If your tiles are light in color then you may want to choose a dark-colored grout and vice-versa. This will emphasize the geometric patterns of your tiles.

TIPS # 8 – If your tile is on a high-traffic zone, do not use a light-colored grout when grouting tile. Light colored grout will not stay that way for long. Cleaning it can give you a hard time.

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