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Easy Tips to Help Clean Bathroom Grout

how to clean bathroom groutIf you have searched for ways on how to clean bathroom grout, this is just what you need. When you clean bathroom grout, it is important to start-up high and then work your way down low. I like to start in the shower because it always needs cleaning, and I can feel pretty good about removing the grout stains as I go.

It also helps out a lot if you pre-soak everything before you start. Pre-soaking is a great way to loosen up the dirt so that it comes clean a lot easier.

When you clean grout, there are two cleaners that I recommend. One of them is Kaboom and the other is Soft Scrub. The reason why I like these two is because they actually help to get rid of the stain, and they do it fairly quickly. If you just either spray or scrub them on and allow them to sit for 5 to 10 minutes and then scrub them again, you should see most of the stain lifting from the tile and grout.

Getting Rid of Bathroom Stains

natural bathroom cleanersHaving stain and dirt in your grout can get pretty grimy and gross. You should always put a conscious effort in cleaning grout of your bathroom. There are times when you have surprise visits from a relative or close friend. A dirty bathroom or kitchen gives a bad impression to your visitors. Always remember that a clean bathroom reflects the type of person who owns the house.  Being ready at all times so important. You can do this by regularly cleaning your tile grout.

To remove stains from your tile, you can use simple household items like vinegar or baking soda. These are very effective cleaners. Vinegar diluted with water in an equal amount can effectively remove dirt and stains from your grout. After putting the solution in your tile, rinse it well with water and mop up the remaining moisture with a sponge, or you can also use paper towels.

For more tips on cleaning bathroom grout, please check out our more detailed article, How to Clean Grout – Secrets to Success .

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