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What is the Best Ceramic Tile Floor Cleaner?

Using the best ceramic tile cleaner helps to maximize the life and durability of your tile and grout. Effective floor and grout cleaning means that you can quickly remove unwanted germs, grime and bacteria from ceramic tile and grout.  You can easily clean it by hand with a ceramic tile cleaner or by using a grout steam cleaner.  Don’t want to let discoloration of the grout lines ruin your idea of a clean bathroom!

Finding the Best Ceramic Tile Floor Cleaner

After cleaning and reading a lot of consumer reviews, we have included a list, in order of the best types of ceramic tile cleaners.

1) Organic Tile Cleaners and diluted cleaners – one of the best types of organic type. He uses a mixture of baking soda, and vinegar. This has clean power and also whitens the grout lines. If you do not procrastinate cleaning your tiling grout, it doesn’t get very bad, and you can clean in just a few minutes.

2) Steam cleaners, are effective at penetrating and removing tough grout stains. They do an excellent job, for not using any cleaning chemicals. Most of the time you can get dirt and grime out simply by waving your steam cleaner over the area. The nice part about cleaning with a steam cleaner is that is the easiest way to clean. After you’re done, simply wipe up the water.

3) Kaboom and grout cleaners containing bleach. These types of cleaners work great for tough stains. When you use bleach as a ceramic tile floor cleaner, it also can whiten the grout. There also harsher chemicals out there, but I would recommend that you use these first three methods, before any of them.

Mix a mild grout cleaner with water. If you decide to use vinegar or water, you can dilute these with water before you start. With vinegar, you want to use a 1 part to 1 part mixture. When using bleach, you want to use three parts water to one part bleach. Each one will make a good ceramic tile grout cleaner.

cleaning ceramic tileThen the next thing you want to do when cleaning grout, is to dampen the ceramic tile, but try not to get the tiles too wet. Allow the cleaners 5-7 minutes to loosen up the dirt and grime. We do this effectively by using a damp mop. Smooth ceramic tiled surfaces clean up fairly easily. You will probably need a grout brush to clean out the grout. You will spend most of your time cleaning ceramic tile grout. Once you have cleaned all the tile and grout, you want to rinse the floor with a 100% water solution. Then you will want to completely dry it with a towel or rag.

how to seal groutIf after cleaning ceramic tile grout, there is still grout discoloration, you may need to use a stronger grout cleaner such as Tilex or a stronger concentration of bleach. Be careful with bleach if the grout you are cleaning has an original dark stain. After thorough cleaning, it may also be a good idea to seal the grout. A good grout sealer can last a few years and it will keep dirt and grime from accumulating in the grout crack.

Organic Ceramic Tile Cleaners

If you are opposed to using chemicals to clean your tiling grout, I can’t say that I blame you. One of the best organic ceramic tile cleaners you can use is a paste made out of baking soda and vinegar. Once you make the case, simply scrub it on to the grout lines in areas where it has become discolored. Let it dry for 5 to 10 min., and then rinse it off. Most of the time, you’ll be a will to get rid of this coloration the first time that you apply. If you are trying to clean around ceramic grout in your kitchen, you could also try using lemon juice. Lemon juice is very acidic.  You can help to whites in the grout lines and help them look new again.  Lemon juice also gives off a really nice smell when you use it.’

U thesing a Steam Cleaner as a Ceramic Tile Cleaner

ceramic tile cleanerSteam cleaners use high pressure steam to clean off the tile and grout. It is less corrosive than pressure washing and less damaging then cleaning with chemicals.  Also the hot temperature of the steam helps to kill bacteria and it is great at cleaning out porous surfaces. It will take you less than an hour to do most jobs and you will be very satisfied with the results.

If you are doing a smaller area or cleaning ceramic tile floors that are indoors, you can do the job yourself. Below is an explanation for cleaning ceramic tile grout the quick and easy way:

Preparation for Cleaning Ceramic Tile Grout


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