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Grease Trap Cleaning – Natural Environment System Grease Trap Solution

Regular grease trap cleaning and maintenance is very important.  The era of fat, oil and grease (FOG) from restaurants and some other industrial kitchens has become an increasing issue for cities which results in an elevated legislation and penalties from local governments to amenities whose effluent streams which are made up of excessive FOG content level. For many restaurants the answer is to delegate the assistance of a pumping company or hauler to pump out the collected grease and solids to maintain the grease trap moving efficiently. On the other hand, pump outs are required regularly which results in considerable expenses for amenities which create large amounts of grease. An answer can be found for the upkeep of grease traps which may restrict the requirement for regular pump-outs. This answer is grease trap bacteria from the natural environment systems.

A natural environment system grease trap solution offers eco-friendly grease eating bacteria which breaks down and processes FOG. This transforms it into carbon dioxide and water. These items will get rid of surface and base solids and in grease traps. Also, it emits for enhanced water flow going into the sewer lines and restricting the event of drain blocks and system back-ups. The bacteria are aerobic naturally and the speed where they are able to break up FOG will even considerably lower the unpleasant smell that emanate from a trap. This is whether it is going into the drain lines or from the trap itself when it is pumped.

The natural environment system is used either straight into the grease trap or it may be combined with water. This is then poured down the drain lines to clear out blocks and deodorize. This is non-toxic and non-corrosive thus it not going to harm plumbing. Not every grease trap cleaner are the same similar. So, you better find one that really works.

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