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How to Clean Grout in Five Easy Steps

If you’re learning how to clean grout, you better make sure that you do it right. When you clean grout, you want to make sure you don’t use soaps that can become slippery. Also, you want to avoid using acids that will eat up the grout over time. The best way to clean grout is as follows:

Start by Sweeping and Cleaning the Area First

how to clean dirty grout linesWhen you’re learning how to clean grout in your kitchen, start by sweeping and mopping the floor. Make sure you get rid of all the loose crumbs, or any sticky patches that might be on the tile. Mopping in advance also gives you a chance to pre-soak the tile grout.

Choose the Right Grout Cleaner and Pre-Spray

The best types of grout cleaners contain oxidizing bleach to clean with. For very tough stains or discoloration, you may want to also try using cleaners that contain bleach. Usually if you pre-spray the area 10 to 15 minutes before you start cleaning, you can help to loosen up some of the dirt. This will make it a lot easier to scrub and get rid of the grout discoloration.

Make Sure You Scrub Your Grout Effectively

how to clean groutOne easy way to scrub your floors is with a grout brush. If you are cleaning walls or counter tops  you might want to use a triangular scrubbing-brush. Both of these will allow you to deep clean your tile grout and get rid of the stains. If you don’t want to spend too much time scrubbing, you might also want to consider using a steam cleaner to clean with. As a matter fact, if you use a steam cleaner, you don’t even have to use any cleaning chemicals for cleaning your tile grout.

Rinse and Make Sure That You Got Rid of the Stains

The next step is to make sure to rinse off the chemicals used to clean the grout. Normally chemicals that stay too long can cause damage. When you rinse, make sure that you got rid of all the stains. If you find any stains that remain, you may want to try cleaning again or using a stronger grout cleaner.

If You Haven’t Used a Grout Sealer, It May Be a Good Idea

I would strongly recommend that you use a grout sealer to keep your grout from getting dirty again. You generally need two to three applications of grout sealer. The process can take up to an hour, but it is worth it. Using a grout sealer helps your grout to last longer and it keeps it from getting dirty.

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