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Using a Grout Steam Cleaner Can Save You a Lot of Work!

Do you want to spend a lot of time cleaning grout on your hands and knees?  If not, you should definitely consider using a steam grout cleaner. In areas of heavy traffic, a grout steam cleaner can save you time and a lot of work.

Tile grout is a lot more permeable than you would imagine. A steam grout cleaner gives your tile a deep clean without using chemicals. Tile grout is the cement-like plaster that holds the tiles in place and protects the corners from getting chipped.  Using a mop and water to clean your tile floor can actually push grime, moisture and cleaner into the grout and tile.  Over time this can eat away at the grout, the tile, and the floor.

The proper way to care for a tiled floor is to have it sealed.  It is vitally important to get all the dirt and mildew out before sealing the tiles, otherwise you will just be sealing dirt into the tile and the grout. As strong cleaning agents have a tendency to damage tile and grout overtime, it is important to use only the weakest agent that will get the job done right.grout steam cleaner

Darker grout masks dirt build-up better than lighter colored grout.

Steam Cleaning Tile Grout

Using a steam grout cleaner to steam clean grout and tile is a process that has vastly improved even over the last ten years. Grout steam cleaners do not using any cleaning chemicals to clean tiles or grout.  As the temperature of the water goes over 100 degrees, steam comes out.  However, with a high pressure steamer the temperature of the water increases to 180 degrees, creating what is known as dry steam.

The advantages of dry stream are many.  First, they have low vapor content (less than 5%).This means you will have a lot less moisture trapped in the tiles, which can eventually break them down.  Second, the steam kills dust mites, bacteria, germs and mildew. It also gives your tile grout for a deep and thorough cleaning using a lot less water than a mop or sponge. Steam cleaners which rate at a 6 bar or higher, are the best to use when grout cleaning.

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