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Give Back the Glamour to Your Kitchen

A Guest Post by Clean-N-Gone

domestic cleaningThe kitchen is the place in the home that requires special attention to the utmost details, being the spot where we make a lot of mess for almost any cooking occasion. The cleaning of this mess may take you a whole weekend, especially if you are willing to turn your kitchen into a brilliantly clean one. Since cleaning, scrubbing and scouring deservedly find their top place among the most unpleasant household activities, you can gladly avail of the tips suggested here. They are easy, leading to an amazing effect with less effort and predominantly include organic products.

Remove remnants stuck in the smallest holes of the grater by a pastry brush – its tiny pieces of hair are flexible enough to reach even the slightest holes, gently brushing off the dried up food out of there.

The waste disposal unit can get its second life through adding some grinding ice cubes, a bit of water and a bit of vinegar – this will make sure total disinfection of your garbage disposal. This simple “recipe” makes it preferable even for more frequent usage.

You are probably well aware of the fact how stubborn coffee-stains are when attempting to remove them from white or light-colored china. In this case, we need the secret combination of equal portions of salt and vinegar.

Devoting our time to cope with the grime is sooner or later facing us with the horrible truth that no matter how hard we try to keep up a certain order, dirt always finds a way in our home. Some zones are truly endangered to lose their original colors and surfaces. Kitchen walls and surfaces inevitably fall into that list. It would be wonderful if the cooking steam, the greasy vapors and ordinary room dust got lost forever, disappearing in the air. But they don’t and, instead, deposit on the surfaces of the kitchen. You can remove them with a sponge soaked in undiluted vinegar (white one). The substance is for all kinds of surfaces – from the kitchen rafts to the cabinets and the door of the fridge. Once you use the vinegar sponge, rinse the surface with water-dipped sponge and finally dry it out with a paper towel.

The microwave oven can return its shining interior for a couple of minutes – you need to heat inside a glass bowl of equal proportions of water and distilled vinegar, then carefully remove the hot bowl and wipe out the already heated grime with regular paper towels.

The garbage bin is the crown bearer when we discuss the place that is gathering more filth than anywhere else. Liquid and food traces sometimes mark their way of dropping on the lid of the bin. Pouring some hot water in the bin will do the first disinfection and once you do so, go ahead with scrubbing with some detergent, and fine for the purpose will be a brush with a holder to scrape the adherent dirt. Since your kitchen sink is too small for this manipulation, do it in the bathroom.

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