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How to Re-Grout Your Bathroom and Do It Yourself?

how to grout tileIf you have old and tired looking grout lines in your bathroom, maybe it is time that you re-grouted them. Re-grouting your tile is a relatively cheap and easy way to make an old bathroom look new again. If your tiles are in good condition and your grout isn’t, then it is a great way to improve your bathroom. Hiring an expert to come in and do this work for you can cost you thousands of dollars. Learning how to grout tile and doing  it yourself is fun and takes less time than you would expect.

When you are redesigning your bathroom, the first thing you need to do is to decide on what type of color you’re going to use for your grout. A lot of times, people will tear out discolored grout and replace it with brand-new white grout. This helps them to restore the look of their bathroom to how it looked the first time. Sometimes people get tired of cleaning white grout and replace it with a gray or a darker color that makes it easier to hide dirt and stains. Whatever color of grout you pick, you need to make sure it matches well with your bathroom decor.

Materials Needed for the Job

  • Grout Cutting Saw, Grout Removal Tool, or Razor Blades
  • Damp Rag and a Large Sponge
  • Bucket
  • Float
  • Protective Gloves
  • Grout Sealer

Steps to Re-Grout Your Bathroom Tile

how to grout bathroom tile1. Get rid of the old grout. Getting rid of the old grout is pretty easy when you have a grout saw, but if you have thin grout joints, it might be a better idea to use a razor blade or an extra thin grout removal tool, then you just want to run it along the grout lines and remove most of the grout that is in between the tiles. Don’t cut further down than the depth of the tile. Cut along the grout lines and remove the grout, and be careful when you’re cutting so that your tiles stay in place. You want to move slowly and remove the grouting without damaging the tile. If you do end up damaging the tile, you will have to find a tile that matches it exactly and replace it. Sometimes this is difficult to do, so go slowly. You don’t have to get rid of 100% of the old grout unless it has rotted. Usually, even if you just go down 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch, it is enough to re-grout. If you have tight grout joints or 1/16 of an inch or less, you can use a razor blade to scratch up the surface. You want to scratch up the surface as much as possible, so you can remove the bad grout that is in the joints and replace it with good grout.

2. After you are all done removing the grout, you should have pretty deep and even grooves between all of your tiles. You want to make sure to take a large sponge and clean out the grout so that you can get rid of any loose residue that is in them.

3. The third step is to mix your new grout in a bucket. Make sure that you have the right consistency for the job. Also make sure there are no chunks, and that you have a smooth, batter-like consistency. Most of the time in the bathroom, you’ll be using Portland cement. If you have grout lines that are wider than 1/8 inch, you will also be using non-sanded grout. If you use Epoxy grout, then you don’t have to use a grout sealer. If you use regular grout, you will have to seal it as soon as it has had time to dry.

4. For the next step, what you need to do is take a float and starting in the top corner of your bathroom, you want to fill in all the grout lines. Move the grout paste across the tiles in a diagonal, and make sure you fill all the lines. Then, take a large damp sponge and wipe up the residue of the grouting off of your tiles. Allow 2 to 3 days for the grout to dry. Then come back and seal your grout with a spray-on grout sealer. A grout sealer is a good way to keep your grout from getting dirty. Grout sealers help to repel dirt and grime from the porous surface of the grout.

Properly Maintain Your Grout for Extended Wear

If you want to make sure your grout lasts a long time, you can do this by cleaning grout regularly. The best way to keep your grout looking clean is to use non-acidic soaps, or a steam cleaner to help keep it clean.

Find out more about steam cleaners and other methods of grout cleaning, by reading our post, How to Clean Grout With Less Time, Money and Effort .

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