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How to Start a Tile Cleaning Business and Grout Cleaning Service

tile and grout cleaning businessNearly all the successful businesses I have started in the last 10 years include the service niche catered to upper-class residential homeowners. Today, I will teach you how to start a tile cleaning business that will instantly generate a profit, and that you can grow quickly. First of all, you want to pick a service that not very many people like to do. You also want to pick a service that you can use equipment to help you do your job faster than the homeowner would be able to do it.

How to Start Marketing Your Grout Cleaning Services

The first thing that you will want to do when you start a tile cleaning business is create a website, and a couple of YouTube videos on the professional services that you offer. Also remember to put your business on Google maps. It works best if you try to keep things focused locally. If you live in Oregon for instance, the title of your YouTube video and your website should contain the words of the major cities that are close to where you live. Also make sure that it has a good description of what you do. Make sure to include some ‘before and after’ footage just to make your site more credible.

Don’t worry about having the professional videos right away. You can always upgrade your videos once you start getting customers. The next thing that you need to do for your grout cleaning business is to start advertising locally. You can try placing an ad or two in the newspaper, and make sure that you offer free estimates, as this will encourage more people to call.

My favorite method for attracting customers is to actually go door to door, and either talk to them, or leave a flyer describing the services that you offer. Leaving door flyers is a lot cheaper than sending someone mail. Not only that, it has a higher chance of being read. The other advantage of using door flyers is that it allows you to pick the neighborhoods where you want to work. Usually the middle-class or the upper-middle-class offers you a great opportunity to find customers, without having to spend a ton of money on advertising. Try to stay away from rental neighborhoods, or multi-million dollar homes (because these people are always either working or on vacation). Make sure that you sell people on the fact that you are a professional cleaning company, and that you can save them from having to do the work themselves. In marketing, it is usually a better idea to sell the benefits of the service you are providing, and not selling the service all by itself.

What Type of Equipment Do You Need in Order to Be Successful

how to start a tile cleaning businessEventually you’ll want a truck that can mount a hot water pressurized steamer. In addition, you also want a hard floor cleaner. The way that these work is that they pressurize and clean the grout and tile surfaces, and suck away the water at the same time. This leaves you with a newly steamed floor that looks really good.

If you’re just starting out, you don’t want to pay $10,000 – $20,000 more for equipment and the truck. It is a better idea for you to buy your equipment used. That way, if your business doesn’t worked out, you can at lease get the money back that you paid for your equipment. Another idea is to start small. Maybe you can buy a portable steaming unit for $200 or $300 and use that. Using a steamer is probably one of the easiest ways to learn how to clean grout. The only disadvantage of doing it that way is that your customers might figure out a way to do the work themselves, and it will still take you longer when you’re using a smaller machine.

How Much Should You Charge per Job?

Never charge by the hour, always charge by the job. It is generally easier for you to make more money this way. You will be able to make more money per job when you have the right equipment. It is worth it to invest in a professional grout steam cleaning machine that would allow you to do the job four or five times faster than trying to clean it by hand. Not only will a professional grout cleaning machine do a better job, but it will make you more money per hour than trying to clean the tile grout lines by hand. Buying a professional grout steaming machine is usually priced around $2,000-$5,000. Still, it is a good investment that you can quickly make back just by the money that you save by having better equipment.

What Other Services Can You Upsell Your Customers to, to Make Even More Money

cleaning ladyBelieve it or not, most of your customers appreciate it when you offer them an extra service that they know they need to have done. This is why it is a great idea to not only clean the grout, but seal the grout as well. Sometimes you can charge just as much to seal grout as you can to clean it. This will mean that you can make twice as much money per visit when you seal the grout. The materials for grout sealing are relatively inexpensive. Typically a $30-$40 gallon of grout sealant is enough to do just about any job. Your real expenses are the cost of hiring and training your employee to do a good job at it. You should still be able to make money sealing people’s grout. A job that would take your employee two hours to do, you can typically charge up to $300 for.

When you own a tile and grout cleaning business, you don’t have to just stick to cleaning tile. A lot of people who steam clean tile also clean carpets. It just so happens that the same equipment that you can use to steam clean tile and floors, you can use for deep cleaning carpets. By upselling through cleaning carpets in the house, you can turn a $300 job into a $600 job.

Another service that you can offer is complete deep clean for a bathroom, or maybe clean out jet tubs and bathroom spas. This will be another opportunity for you to upsell and make more money from your customers.

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