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Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas

kitchen tile backsplash ideaWhen you’re installing kitchen backsplash tile, you want to make sure that you choose the right color tile. Generally, backsplash tile doesn’t need water-resistance, as counter tops and flooring. This means you have a lot more options when it comes to what tiles to use. A lot of times people use glass tiles, other times they use marble, or even stucco. Basically there are a lot of choices out there.

If you want to add accents to your backsplash tiles. The best place to add them is in areas that are open such as behind the faucet or above the stove. Homes that are very expensive often have decorative or professionally accented tiles in these areas.

Add Vibrant Colors and Accents to Your Kitchen Tile BackSplash

Whether you have a new kitchen or an old one, adding an original backsplash is a great way to bring it to life. A backsplash represents a great opportunity for creativity. It is a place where you can express color and vibrancy. You can easily upgrade your kitchen if you learn how to properly install a kitchen backsplash. You’re going to have to know a bit more about creating a design, laying the tiles out, cutting them properly and how to grout and seal them before you can become successful at it.

Step One: Create a Great Design

Before you create an amazing design, you’re going to have to make sure that you choose the right colors. You can get away with using a bit more vibrant colors for backsplash. Also make sure to choose backsplash kitchen tile colors that blend with the cabinets, the counter tops, the flooring and the appliances. You should know how natural and artificial lighting will affect it. Matte, satin, or tumbled tiles help to reduce glare. Make sure that the tile isn’t too shiny or to dull, so that the finished product will look really elegant.

It is a good idea to look online for different backsplash tile ideas. Below are a few of the designs that we really like.

kitchen tile backsplash kitchen tile backsplash ideas kitchen tile backsplash

kitchen tile backsplash ideas kitchen tile back splash pictures kitchen tile backsplash ideas

These are some interesting and nice backsplash  that  can upgrade your entire kitchen. There are a lot of options when it comes to kitchen backsplash tiles.

Step Two: Layout the Design, Especially If You’re Adding an Accent or Two

Once you decide what type of accent you want to add, try to build it on a flat surface of the same height or width that you are applying to use when you install it. This will allow you to custom cut the tiles and fit them together before you put them up. By creating the design before you install it, you’ll have a much nicer looking layout. This is going to give you a map to help guide you through the creation process. Even if you’re only installing a glass backsplash, it is a good idea to lay out the tiles so that you know which ones to cut ahead of time.

Since you are probably doing a lot of cutting, it is a good idea to build it on a flat surface first, so that you will be able to install all the pieces before your paste dries. It is important to remember not to start setting the tiles until you have completed your test fitting first.

Types of Materials

Glass Tile Backsplash IdeasOne popular material that people like to use for a kitchen tile back splash is tumble marble. The reason some people like to use this is because it is non-polished marble, and it looks very expensive and adds a lot to the texture of the room.

Another very popular backsplash material to use is glass. Backsplash made of glass help to show the light and make the kitchen a brighter place. Also, a glass backsplash is very easy to install. The trick to installing a glass backsplash is you need to make sure that you use white mortar so that it does not change the color of the glass.

Another very popular backsplash material is a Subway tile backsplash. Basically, Subway tile has a lot of small rectangular tiles. These are also fairly easy to install. A lot of times people will install these in a mosaic form so that they have unique patterns to them. A mosaic tile backsplash is very common in bathrooms and in kitchens.

Step three: Backsplash Installation

kitchen backsplash tile picturesThe next thing that you should know is how to install your kitchen tile backsplash. Start out by mixing your mortar and spreading it evenly across the wall where you plan to install your tiles. Start by installing the bottom row first and then work your way up. You should already have all of your tiles pre-cut so that the installation process goes pretty quickly. Make sure to carefully place each tile so that it is exactly where you want it. Make sure the mortar that holds the tiles in is dry within 24 to 48 hours.

Tip: leave about an eighth of an inch between the countertop and the tile. That way, if you ever have to replace the countertop, you should still be able to do without having to tear out the tile. By leaving an eighth of an inch, it is small enough gap the grout won’t crack.

Also make sure that you know where the outlets are. Whether you like it or not, include them in your tile design. When you are using mastic or thin set to hold the tiles in place, make sure that you also use plastic spacers. X-shaped spacers give the right amount of spacing. A lot of professionals will put these between the top and the bottom of the tile and not in the corners. That way they can extract them before installing the grout into the grooves. This will help hold the tiles in place while they are setting up and drying.

Step Four: Grouting and Sealing

The easiest way to apply your grout, is to use a rubber backed float. This way you can easily press grout between the joints. After installing the grout, wipe off the surface of the tile with a damp sponge. Allow it to dry for two or three days before coming back and doing a final sealing.

When you’re working with porous tile, you may have to seal it before applying the grout paste. Then after you apply the grout paste, go ahead and seal everything again so that you also sealed the grout. A good way to apply a  grout sealer  is by using a disposable foam brush. That way you don’t apply more grout sealer than you need, and it absorbs into the tile and grout.

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