Ceramic Tile Grout Cleaner: Chemical Cleaners Versus Steam Cleaners

If you are looking for the best ceramic tile grout cleaner, there are several different types of chemical cleaners to choose from. After looking at various chemicals and how well they work, two of the best chemicals that we have found that work well as ceramic tile grout cleaners are KaBoom Cleaner and Soft Scrub with bleach. When you’re using these or any other types of cleaner, it is best to spray the surface of the grout you are cleaning about 5-10 minutes before you start. This will allow the ceramic tile grout cleaner some time to soak in and break up the dirt and grime, so that you don’t have to do as much of the work yourself.

ceramic tile grout cleanerAnother good idea is to always use a scrubbing-brush (preferably a grout brush). This will allow you to get between the cracks and actually to do a better job when you are cleaning the grout. Make sure that you scrub even with the grout lines and if you can, get a narrow brush that can scrub the grout between the tiles, then you will be able to do an even better job at getting out the stains.

If your stain has been there for some time, there is a good chance that the stain has grown into the porous surface of the grout. This means that you need two or three cleanings to get rid of the stain. If you can’t get it out with a traditional cleaner, you can use a slightly more concentrated solution of bleach, or a full strength concentration of vinegar. With bleach, you don’t want to leave it on your tile grout for too long, and you don’t want to clean with bleach very often because it can damage your grout. I never recommend using more than a 1 to 16 ratio of bleach to water. There are other people online that advocate a 3 to 1 ratio but I think these people are crazy and they obviously don’t get paid to clean tile! Also, there are lots of people who strongly advocate vinegar. I think it is a poor solution to use for getting rid of stains. It can work, depending on what the stain is, but it generally takes a lot more scrubbing (and a lot more time), and the only people who can clean effectively are those that already have clean tile and grout to begin with.

The Best Ceramic Tile Grout Cleaner – A Grout Steam Cleaner

My preferred ceramic tile grout cleaner is a steam cleaner. I like to use a steam cleaner because it is fast, and it uses pressurized steam to clean out the porous grout surface. It is a great way to lift stains. As you use the steam cleaner, you also kill germs and completely disinfect your tile and grout. Because the steam can actually get down into the grout, it can kill mildew and mold and keep it from returning as quickly. As a ceramic grout cleaner, a steamer is a great tool because it saves you a lot of time. To use a steam cleaner, make sure that you have the right attachment in place, then add the cleaning pad to the end of your attachment. As you pull the trigger and use pressurized steam to force the dirt out of the porous surface, the cleaning pad dries everything off as you go. Because you do not use cleaning chemicals are harmful, you do not need to rinse off the grout when you’re done cleaning it. Because you’re using such hot steam to clean with, you also don’t need to dry off your tiles because they tend to dry themselves off fairly quickly.

Using a ceramic tile grout cleaner like a steam cleaner, will cut down on your cleaning time by as much as 50% to 60%. This will mean that you spend less time cleaning your grout and more time doing other fun things when you use a steam cleaner instead of grout cleaning chemicals. Below is a YouTube video that shows just how versatile a steam cleaner is, not only for cleaning tile and grout, but for other cleaning purposes as well.

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