Why Is Cleaning Grout Between Tiles So Important?

When you clean your own tiles, you quickly realize that cleaning grout between tiles is very important to maintaining your grout. If you clean your tiles, but neglect to clean your grout, you will start to notice that the grout becomes discolored. This discoloration is dirt and grime, which will eventually cause mold, bacteria, and mildew to grow in the tile. Most of the time, when people talk about cleaning the tile, they are often referring primarily to cleaning the grout layer in between their tiles. Many tile cleaners work for this purpose, to get rid of the gunky buildup that is in the grout between the tiles.

Cleaning Grout Between Tiles to Get Rid of Grout Stains

how to clean grout between tilesIf you find that cleaning grout between tiles is difficult, you probably need to take more time to get rid of the grout stains, because most likely, you have not cleaned your tile and grout for a long time. Possibly the easiest way to get rid of grout stains is to just use a bleach pen. This pen has a tip or an end that allows you to color the stained areas. The bleach will eat its way through the discoloration and restore your grout back to its original color. Just be careful when using bleach on grout. Do not allow it to sit there for too long, and do not use it on colored grout. Always follow the directions on the label to make sure you are using it the right way.

floor steam cleanerAnother good option for you is to buy a steam cleaner, or else have your grout professionally cleaned. It will probably cost you less to buy a steam cleaner than it will to hire a professional, and when you’re done with the cleaning job, you will own a steam cleaner that you can use for several different cleaning purposes around your house.

The Damage Can Become Permanent

Cleaning grout between tiles on a regular basis is the best way to prevent permanent damage. If you don’t clean the grout for a long cleaning tile grouttime, the damage caused by the stains as well as the build-up of mold and mildew, can become permanent. The result is that they will eat through the grout and once grout starts to fall out, then your tiles will fall out as well, which means you need to replace them. On top of that, once you get cracks in your tile grout, you can also get water damage behind or underneath your tiles. Water damage can become severe very quickly, and soon you will not only have to replace the tiles, but you may also have to replace the walls or the flooring.

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