Cleaning Grout the Quick and Easy Way: The 5-10 Minute Method of Grout Cleaning

This is the 5 to 10 minute method to cleaning grout the quick and easy way.

  • Minute One: Wet grout with water and wipe it with a large soft wet sponge.  (I prefer to use a scrubbing-brush when the tile is really dirty.)
  • Minute Two: Spray walls with a grout cleaner/ mildew remover, such as Tilex or 409 bathroom cleaner.
  • Minutes Three & Four: Scrub grout with a tooth-brush or scrub brush capable of getting between the cracks.
  • Minute Five: Rinse and dry off tile with a towel.

how to clean tile groutBe sure to follow all the safety instructions on the label of any cleaners that you use. There are also specialty grout cleaners that may outperform the ones we have listed. If you want you can also try out the organic grout cleaning method. (Click here for organic grout cleaning: Organic Grout Cleaners for Kitchen and Baths)

If left unchecked, grout problems get exponentially worse in only a matter of a few weeks.The absolute best way to have clean grout all the time is to do regular maintenance. Doing so will make cleaning easier and manageable every time.

What To Avoid When Grout Cleaning Your Floor

When cleaning with a mop or a scrub brush, it is important not to embed the dirt into your grout. Embedded dirt sometimes can only be removed by a professional.

To effectively remove embedded grime or mildew, you need the right cleaner, time for the tile cleaner to work, proper scrubbing techniques and a high temperature. (Not all professional grout cleaners offer high temperature cleaning, so make sure that your professional does.) The high temperature breaks up grime, sterilizes the grout, and allows the cleaning agents to work better.

Steam cleaning tile or grout is a great way to deep clean hard-to-reach crevices. If the grout has some hard to reach grout crevices, you may consider having the grout and tile professionally sealed to make it easier to clean in the future.

* Don’t make mistakes when cleaning tile grout. Learn what you can and can’t do, by reading our article, Tile and Grout Cleaning Do’s and Dont’s

* Learn about deep cleaning using a steam cleaner. Here’s a great post that will help you out: Professional Steam Cleaners for Floors, Bathrooms and Tiles

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