The Benefits of Using Epoxy Grout

epoxy groutEpoxy grout is being widely used today. Since people are considering every option on how to maximize their budget while getting what they really want, epoxy grout is the best solution to those tiled areas exposed to liquid substances. For this reason, it is commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms which are more vulnerable to oil, grease, water or acidic substances, since this grout is super water-resistant and can withstand such liquid materials.  It also makes grout cleaning much easier.

Grout epoxy is an ideal option since you do not need to apply any sealant treatment or grout stain coating to ensure a longer life expectancy of the grout. Having said that, it acts also as self-protection to mold and mildew, which is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Grout epoxy can ensure worry-free and maintenance-free in the part of home owners. It is capable of maintaining your grout and tile in perfect condition, so you don’t need to spend time scrubbing. To add more, it is also hard to get them dirty because of stains, even if you purposefully do it.

Drawbacks of Using Epoxy Grout

Though it offers a lot of advantages, however, it still has its drawbacks. Such grout material is expensive and hard on your budget and not using ordinary cement-based grout. They may cost $8 or more per pound compared to cement-based that will only cost you around $1 to $2.

Another disadvantage in using epoxy grout is that it has very quick hardening time quality. Act fast when applying this or it may lead your grout to an uneven look. Nevertheless, other people consider this as an advantage. Also, you need to cover the tile first before applying it because this may lead to discoloration.

Despite its drawbacks, it is still the best option to choose. It is worth the price because of its advantages and extra features.

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