Getting A Cleaner Toilet Bowl

toilet bowl cleanerAlthough maintaining a clean toilet bowl is difficult, it is possible. If you have hard water, or there are stains to remove, this is especially challenging. It is certain that cleaning your toilet with the proper toilet bowl cleaner is well worth the time taken to accomplish this in the right way. Here are a few tips that will aid with less difficult cleaning.

Tips to Remember When Cleaning Toilet Bowl

1) Use the right toilet bowl cleaner. Clorox is a preferable choice as well as a cleaner called Scrubbing Bubbles. Lysol is a highly recommended brand as well. Not only should the bottom part of toilet be cleansed, but also beneath the toilet’s rim which is the place water comes from. By keeping these areas clean, we avoid hard water from clogging up.

2) A bristled hard brush works well for most toilet cleaning jobs. In a few cases, something like a pumas stone works well for effective cleaning. Many people don’t realize that a pumas stone is just a little softer than the porcelain. This will allow one to get the most scrubbing benefit while avoiding porcelain scratching. This will work quite well on your sink as well. A metal scrubber should never be used nor a flat-headed screwdriver in scraping off porcelain. This would do permanent damage to the toilet which one would regret.

3) For stains that are at or below the water’s surface, one should allow the cleaner to soak thoroughly overnight in the toilet bowl. Bleach, Muriatic acid and CLR are three highly recommended toilet cleaners. However, we recommend that you use each one separately. Gloves as well as eye protection should always be used, as these chemicals are very strong. Stay safe and protected by following directions carefully.

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