Grout Brushes and Grout Brush Cleaning Tips

Cleaning with a grout brush makes tile cleaning a lot faster and easier to do.  There are different types of grout brushes from triangle frame brushes to floor brushes, and even specially made ones for cleaning the sides of the shower.  The purpose of this site is to help you know more about grout cleaning brushes and find the grout brush that works best for meeting your needs.

how to clean tile groutHow to Clean Tile Grout with a Grout Cleaning Brush

Ever dreaded to see dirty tile grout and having to clean them yourself? Perhaps you already know how to clean them, or you assume that it is an easy task that you can finish with a flick of a wrist. The truth is, cleaning tiles are very important and learning the right way of cleaning them will allow for an easier task. Clean tile and grout can make them last longer and keep up their charm.  Below are several tips:

1) Ten to thirteen minutes in advance, spray the tile area with a tile cleaner. This allows for the chemicals to penetrate deep into the source of dirt and grime. When using bleach, dilute with three parts water to one part bleach. Bleach has the advantage of disinfection and restores the color of the tile grout. Color guard bleach or oxygenated bleach work great when dealing with colored tile grout. Bleach is tough on germs and stains, but are less effective in removing deep-seated grout stains.  Using a grout brush, carefully scrub the grout.  Pole grout brushes are better for floors, because they put less strain on your back.  Triangular grout brushes are best for tough stained areas, because they allow you to push hard and really remove all the dirt and grime.

2) Read and reviewed carefully the instructions on the labels of cleaning agent before using. Safety precautions should always be observed when using these chemicals. Proper ways to use them are usually printed on the back labels and should always be noted. In most cases, wearing gloves are enough for most household cleaning agents while masks protect the eyes and nose from splashes and possible inhalation of harmful fumes from using stronger chemicals.

3) After tile cleaning, apply a grout sealer to seal the tile grout and protect it from future damage. This will make sure that it will last longer. Sealants usually last for two to three years. This will protect the porous surface from being attacked by fungus, mold and mildew.

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