Having the Right Grout Stain For the Job

What is a Grout Stain?

A grout stain is a product made for the purpose of repairing existing grout joints. They are water-based acrylic coating that can cover your preserve grout joints from stains, scrapes and dirt. Also, if you just want for a fresh appearance, grout
stain can also give you a change.how to apply grout stain

Some grout stains darken or lighten grout.  These stains act as a sealer that can extend your grout joint’s life. It also minimizes your maintenance because it protects the grout joints from any filth and dirt such as grease, oils, mud, chemicals that you may accidentally spill. Since it is water-resistant, you just have to wipe it and it just dries up easily.

When we talk about appearance, it can also give a luminous and semi-gloss look. Grout stain is odorless; hence it is completely safe and is not harmful. It works in all the following areas.

• Ceramic tiles, marble and slate joints

• Public hallways, foyers, bathrooms

• Commercial sinks and kitchens


Most stains won’t need mixing with other elements such as water, but it is best to read the directions on the label before applying. Before you stain the grout, you will need to thoroughly clean is and wait at least 24 hours for the porous surface of the grout to dry.  To stain grout, just dab it directly into the surface of the grout with a grout brush. After applying, wash it with water.


Grout stain is harmful to eyes and skin, so it is important to keep it out of children. If in case of accidental contacts with skin, wash it immediately with soap and water. For eye contact, rinse it with plenty of clean water and even if no symptoms occur, you should consult medical experts.

Grout stain also consists of crystalline silica and Portland cement. Thus, you must wear a mask to avoid inhaling its dust. After installing, wash your hand thoroughly.  It may also be necessary to use a grout sealer to seal it when you are done.