Grouting Issues You May Encounter

Every job can have its own grouting issues or problems even the simplest one. Much more if the person installing grout has no experience in the job he is doing. Even the experts have met some issues also. But knowing these issues before hand makes the problem half-solved already.

grouting hazeGROUT EFFLORESCENCE – This refers to the whitish haze on tiles after you installed them.  This grouting issue is a result of wetting the tiles before the 2 to 3 day curing time has expired. The salts in the grout will surface and cause a haze on the tiles. Also, before applying chemicals that contain an acid to the grout, allow a 10-day curing period from its installation.

ROUGH JOINTS – This problem with grouting is a result of poor grout mixture. The mixture may have not been properly mixed and applied even if there is still powder visible. Or the mixture lacks water to wet it properly, resulting into rough joints.

CRACKED JOINTS – These grouting issues are mainly caused by adding too much water to the mixture, resulting to shrinkage when it gets dry. Also, too much sponging with water during clean-ups can contribute to this. Other causes are too shallow tile joints making the grout too thin and making it prone to cracking. Using grout that has hardened already can result to cracked joints. So be sure to use freshly mixed grout or newly purchased grout to avoid this issue.

how to install groutINCONSISTENT GROUT COLOR (OR MOTTLED GROUT) – There are various probable causes to this problem. One is mixing the grout too wet. Improper or lack of thorough mixing can also cause this problem. Also, too much sponging during clean-up can wash away pigments in some areas of the grout. Different types of over-glaze on tiles can also be the culprit to mottled grout. They have absorption variations so that some pigments on some areas are readily absorbed while on other areas are not.

SOFT JOINTS – Even if the grout used in grouting tile has been set already, the resulting joint is soft. When you run your fingers on it, some of the grout will leave a mark on your fingertips. This is a soft joint. This is probably caused by using old material or a grout that has surpassed its usable time. This will give you a poor result. Also, grout needs a 10-day curing before you can apply acid-based cleaners to it. Without this curing period, grout can be weakened considerably which results to soft joints eventually.

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