How To Get A Toilet Bowl Cleaner

toilet bowl cleanerMaintaining Rental Properties for the last 8 years and working as a professional janitor for a few years, has taught me a lot about cleaning toilets. If you are looking for a toilet bowl cleaner online, you probably have tried basic cleaners already and are wondering what else you could use to get the job done right.

Most of the time, dirty toilet bowl stains come from hard water which build up on the edges of the water line or under the rim where the water enters the toilet bowl. Over time calcium, lime and other minerals found in hard water can restrict the flow of water and make it impossible to keep your toilet clean. If the toilet has had several years of hard water build up, don’t be surprised if the first cleaner you use to try to clean with doesn’t work.

Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Some of the best toilet bowl cleaners include Lysol, Scrubbing Bubbles, and Clorox Toilet Cleaner.

Another great cleaner for helping you get rid of toilet bowl stains is CLR (Calcium, Lime Rust). To use as a toilet bowl cleaner, dilute one cup of CLR with two cups of water. Using a spray bottle, spray the inside of the toilet. Let it sit for five to ten minutes and then scrub with a hard bristled brush or a pumas stone. Another way to do get rid of the hard water at or below the surface of the water is to add CLR or bleach directly to the water in the toilet. Let the chemical sit it the toilet for thirty minutes and then scrub out the stains. Remember, you may also want to scrub the toilet below the surface of the rim to keep the water entrances clear of hard water build up.

Mechanical Cleaners

Although soft brushes work for newer toilet, medium hard bristled brushes work best for older toilets or those that have hard water stains. Generally, you want to avoid very abrasive toilet cleaner that can damage the toilet’s delicate glossy surface. In addition, do not use metal objects, such as a razor blade or a flat head screw driver. A pumas stone is a new tool that I found great on sinks and toilets. Pumas stones are only a little softer than the surface of the toilet, and these stones work great for scraping away hard water stains.

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