How to Seal Grout After You Clean It or Install It

how to apply grout sealerIf you want to have tiles that last a long time and are always easy to clean, the best way to do this is to learn how to seal grout properly. The two best times to seal grout are right after you install it, and when it has just been cleaned.

Before you seal grout, you need to clean your tiles first. Make sure to remove dirt and debris. If there is any kind of dirt or discoloration and you seal your grout, you are trapping dirt too. If you have severe discoloration problems, you may want to try using a bit of bleach or bleach pen to get rid of it.

After your grout is thoroughly cleaned, you want to allow it 24 hours to dry completely. If it is dry, the grout sealer will work a lot better, because the dry grout will soak up the sealant. The more sealant you can get inside of the grout, the better the sealer will work.

Sealing Grout Is Easy

Sealing grout is something that is very easy to do. It is easier than cleaning the grout. Also, it is not expensive. A grout sealer helps to keep the dirt out. Two of the most common ways to apply a grout sealer is with a roller applicator brush, or a bottle brush. Make sure to cover all the grout lines. After the grout sealer dries, go for the grout lines one more time.

Using a grout sealer makes the surface of the grout less porous. It reflects dirt particles and germs, rather than absorbing them.

Another great time to do grout sealing is right after you installed the grout. You want to wait about 72 hours for the grout to dry before you apply the sealer to it.

Even though there are many different types of grout sealers that you can use, I recommend that you use one that is water-based because it is easier to apply, and if you accidentally get some of it on your tile, it is easier to remove too.

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