Learn More About Grout Sealing and Why You Should Do It

grout sealerIf you haven’t taken the time to seal your grout in a while, you should definitely do it. Grout sealing is important because it makes your life a lot easier. It is easier to seal grout than it is to scrub out discoloration in the grout lines. Sealed grout is very easy to take care of.

Most of the time, you should seal your grout at least twice a year, although in some instances you may want to do it more often. Basically when you seal your grout, it can help your grout to stay the same color and protect it from getting dirty later on. After you apply your grout sealer, you want to make sure that it dries properly. When it does dry, and it sets up a nice glaze over the surface of the grout, then you know that it has had enough of the sealer to definitely protect the tile and grout. Make sure that you have enough coats of sealer that can protect the tile and grout for a long time.

When Should You Use a Grout Sealer to Seal Your Grout?

The answer to this question is to use a grout sealer as often as possible. Every time you use a grout sealer, you are making it a lot harder for dirt to penetrate tile and grout surfaces. You can use a brush or a roller to apply a grout sealer. You can even use a spray bottle, although we do not recommend a spray bottle for applying your grout sealer.

how to seal groutUnlike grout cleaners which can often damage your grout over time, a grout sealer does not do any damage to your grout at all. Actually grout sealing helps your grout and it makes it stronger and more resistant to dirt, mold, mildew, and bacteria. It even helps to keep germs out of your home. Most of the time, when you have sealed grout, it is very easy to sweep up all the mess on your floor. Not only does a grout sealer help your grout to last longer, but it also saves you a lot of time when you are cleaning it.

How to Seal Your Grout the Best Way

If you want to have your grout last long and you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning grout, you should apply a grout sealer. The best time to buy a grout sealer is right away. As soon as you have your grout completely cleaned out, you should apply a grout sealer. Do as many coats as you can, to have the grout totally sealed. Often, one application is not enough. It will take three or four applications until your grout is so saturated with the sealant, that it won’t hold any water. This is what you really want to do when you are sealing grout.

We should seal grout a minimum of once every two years, and often if needed. When you have a good grout sealer, this will prevent dirt, grime, and bacteria from growing in between your tiles. It will also help the grout to keep its original color.

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