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How to Keep from Cleaning Your Tile and Grout on a Regular Basis

how to seal groutUsing a good quality grout cleaner isn’t going to keep your grout from getting dirty. Knowing how to clean tile quickly and efficiently, also isn’t going to prevent them from getting dirty in the future. The only way that you can really work to help prevent your tile and grout from getting dirty, is to apply a grout sealer to your tile and grout.

Sealing grout is very important if you want to make your tile and grout last longer, and to keep you from cleaning all the time. You want to do this at least once a year. Sealed grout prevents water from soaking into it. In addition, the more coats of grout sealer that you can apply, the better it will work and the longer it will last. An easy way to apply a grout sealer is with a bottle brush roller. It is very easy to apply, and doesn’t leave any mess. Simply roll it over the grout lines until they are completely wet. Then after they dry, roll them again to apply a second coat.

Tips to Make Grout Sealing Easier

The first step is to pick a good quality grout sealer. One sealer that I often hear being recommended over and over in forums is Aqua Mix.

The next step is to make sure you have the right tools to do the job. I recommend a brush roller because it is the fastest way to do it. For small tiles, you may want to use a spray-on grout sealer. Then you want to have your grout wet for at least 10 minutes, so that the grout sealer can work its way into the grout and help seal and protect it.

When sealing grout, you want to apply three or four coats, or keep applying the grout sealer until it can no longer be absorbed by the grout. When the grout sealer beads on the surface, then you know that you have plenty of sealant in there.

Want to know more about grout sealers and how to seal grout? Check out our more detailed post on Grout Sealers – Sealing Grout !

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