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Basics on How to Clean Grout and Grout Cleaning

Grout cleaning is a relatively simply process that can greatly improve the look of your tile in your bathroom, kitchen, patio, or floor.  Knowing the best way to clean grout can help you save a lot of work, and sometimes money.  More importantly, you can enjoy the improved look grout cleaning gives on your home or workplace.

How to Clean Grout and How to Clean Floor Tile Grout

how to clean groutT
o start with, you need to get the grout wet with a grout cleaner mixed with water.  To avoid getting the tiles too wet, we normally use a spray bottle.  (When cleaning floor tile grout, it is better to use a damp mop.) Allow the grout cleaning solution 10 to 15 minutes to disinfect the tile and grout and loosen up the dirt and mildew discoloring the grout.  Then you should scrub the tile grout with a medium hard brush.  Scrub the tiles parallel to the grout and try to pull as much of the dirt and grime out as possible.    Then rinse with water and dry thoroughly.  If the stains persist, you may need to clean the grout again or else use vinegar or a bleaching agent to help restore the grout’s original color.

Make sure to dilute the vinegar at a ratio of 2:1 and the bleach at a ratio of 4:1.  (We also suggest rubber gloves.)

More difficult grout may need a commercial grout cleaner or even a high power pressure washer.  The quickest way to clean cement patios is to use a commercial grout cleaner, allow it to sit for as long as indicated on the label and then pressure washing it off. To learn more about pressure washing, please read out post, How to Clean Grout on Patios and Walkways.

Steam Cleaning Grout

If you have or have access to a stream cleaner, this is a great way to deep clean grout.  A steam cleaner will actually pull the dirt out of the most porous types of grout and sterilize it at the same time.  It also can cut down on the amount of scrubbing you have to do.

Types of Grout and Stains

Most bathroom grout stains have mold or mildew which grow in areas of high moisture and digest organic grime on shower walls, counter tops and splash boards.  Bathroom grout needs cleaning regularly to prevent unsightly discoloration between tiles.  Cleaning bathroom grout on a regular basis prevents it from getting out of control.

Kitchen grout stains are grime and dirt particles that get stuck in between the tiles.  These accumulate around stoves, fridges, splash boards, floor, and food preparation areas. Allowing water or a mild cleaner time to soak in goes a great way towards helping loosen and clean kitchen tile and grout.

Floor grout dirt and stains are dust and dirt particles that get tracked into the house, and the process for getting rid of it is similar to kitchen grout.  It is easier to use or hire a steam cleaner for deeply ingrained floor grout.

When dealing with Outdoor grout, there are specialty grout scraping tools you can use.  Outside, moist can  trap dirt into the grout and cement.  In addition, mold and moss can grow in the cement cracks which you remove using a grout scraper tool.

What type of grout cleaners have you had the best results with?

Please feel free to leave us a comment below on what has given you to most success.

Please also check out the rest of our site and let us know  if you have any questions on grout cleaning!

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