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Grout Cleaning Tools and Grout Cleaning Equipment

If you want to simplify the process of cleaning grout, it is best that you have in hand the best grout cleaners and grout cleaning equipment. In this article, we will share with you some basic information on grout cleaning tools.

The following are the lists of grout cleaning tools.

how to clean grout1. Old Toothbrush

This is a tool that you may find inside your home. An old toothbrush is very good in cleaning grout especially for those tiny corners, because it is small and can reach through those small areas. You can brush the grout with a toothbrush that has extra strong bristles if you want to get best results. After brushing, you should rinse them and wipe the grout with some sponge to make sure you have a totally clean grout and tiles.

2. Small Grout Brush

This is a better tool in cleaning grout and tile because it has more bristles and are little larger than our normal toothbrush. This brush has great features that an ordinary toothbrush don’t have, like the tapered bristles and upswept or curved ends, making you able to clean the corners, crevices and pits in the grout. If you want to buy this tool, you can easily find one in the local stores near you.

3. Triangle Grout Brush

Amounting for around $5 to $15, you will be able to have this special tool which is very useful for various tiled surfaces. A grout brush has two sides, one for the plastic triangle that has rows of stiff bristles made by Carlisle, and the other side for gripping.

Grout Cleaning Tools Used by Professionals:

1. Professional Grout Cleaning Brushes

This is the perfect tool to reach all the nooks and crannies in the kitchen and the bathroom, allowing you to clean them easily. Price is about $30.

2. Steam Cleaners

This is a new and advanced grout cleaning tool that removes dirt, grime and stains without you even scrubbing and using chemicals.

3. Power Brushes/Scrubbers

Electric floor cleaners make great grout cleaning equipment.  For homeowners, there are also battery powered-motor scrubbers that save a lot of your time and energy when cleaning grout.

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