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Four Extraordinary Methods for Cleaning Grout

natural methods for cleaning groutThe Everyday Approach to Grout Cleaning – the everyday method of cleaning grout is pretty simple. What you want to do is you want to make a grout cleaning paste. For the paste, you want to use baking soda and bleach. After mixing the bleach and baking soda, smear the paste on to your grout lines with a spatula. Allow it to sit there and dry for an hour. Then come back and use a toothbrush and clean water to scrub it off. This is a pretty powerful cleaner and has scrubbing power which allows you to get that grout cleaned faster.

The Organic Approach to Grout Cleaning- the organic approach to cleaning grout and tile is a bit different. What you want to do is you want to use a paste of borax and lemon juice. Use it in the same way that you use the paste of baking soda and bleach. Make sure that you let it dry before scrubbing it off. Not only will this do a pretty decent job with most stains, but it will also smell good after cleaning.

An Oven Cleaner Works in Extreme Circumstance - in the most extreme circumstances, this type of cleaner will work for cleaning tile grout. You can use an oven cleaner to clean your tile and grout off. The key to using this oven cleaner is that you do not want it to sit on your grout for more than a few seconds before you rinse it off with water. Most oven cleaners are extremely strong so you should handle them with care. Make sure that you wear gloves, and that you ventilate your shower properly. This method is very effective in removing some of the toughest stains.

the best way to clean tile groutIf you want to get rid of caulking stains, you can roll up a paper towel soaked with vinegar, and allow it to sit on top of the caulking. You should let it sit there for 3 to 4 hours. You can also re-caulk your bathroom. Even if you have to take out the old caulking and put down the new caulking, it doesn’t take that long to do.

Here is another tip that is pretty invaluable to helping you clean shower tile grout. If you want to loosen up all that grime that is on your tiles, the easiest way to do this is to turn on a steamy shower for a few minutes, and the steamy shower will help to loosen up the grout in walls. Follow-up by using one of the grout cleaning methods listed above, or just do simple maintenance cleaning by spraying your grout with vinegar and wiping it down with a brush.

*Sources – Hailey’s Cleaning Hints. Published by the new American Library in 2000.

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