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How Do I Clean Grout?

With so many different types of grout cleaners and cleaning methodologies out there, a lot of people ask, “how do I clean grout?” Everyone knows that cleaning grout is important if you want your grout to look its best and last longer, but the truth is, it is important to know the best grout cleaners to use because using harsh chemicals to clean with can damage your grout in the long run.

man cleaning tile groutI have heard of probably dozens of ways to clean tile and grout. Anything from Soft Scrub to dish-washing detergent, to toilet bowl cleaner or commercial floor cleaner. Although I haven’t tried all 100 types of cleaners that I have heard of, I would imagine to one degree or another, if you worked at it long enough using any of these methods, (or even just water) your grout would become cleaner.

Recently, I read a blog written by a third generation tile cleaner and installer. I thought his opinion was really interesting so I am including it here.

Third Generation ‘Tile Man’ Cleaning Recipe

how to clean groutHe suggested that you just use clear vinegar mixed with water and baking soda. He says this makes the best grout cleaner. The recipe is as follows: In a small stainless steel bucket or basin, fill it up 1/2 way with water. Them mix into it about 1/4 cup of vinegar and two tablespoons of water. This solution should start to react and foam up. Next, you should spray it on the tile and grout and let it sit for a few minutes. Then using a medium brush, clean the heavily solid or stain grout (see www.tile-repair.net). Not only does this method clean and disinfect, but it also helps to lighten the tile grout. This method is very cost-effective and one of the simplest ways to clean grout. If you have tough grout stains, this method may not get rid of the stain on your first cleaning. This leaves you with two options. One, repeated cleaning until the stains start to lighten and disappear, or two, upgrade to a stronger grout cleaner.

Anyway, I though this method was interesting and definitely worth a shot. I can’t wait to try it out. Please feel free to leave a comment on how well this system of grout cleaning worked for you.

To make the job as easy as possible, you also need to have the right kind of brush. For floor grout, I recommend a pole grout brush. For large tile and grout, as well as wall cleaning, I recommend a triangle bristled brush. For small grout, I suggest you use small professional grout cleaning brushes. They work well and last a long time.

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