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Clean Your Grout Regularly and Organically

how to clean tile groutCleaning grout regularly in your bathroom or kitchen will protect your tile. Make sure you clean the grout lines and get rid of discoloration before it gets worse. Cleaning grout is important because it gets rid of grimy looking grout discoloration.

If all you do is clean up your tile, you are actually trapping water and dirt inside the grout. Even if the tile looks clean, the grout will look dark and dingy. You need to make sure to clean the grout lines. It is also easier to clean grout if you do it on a regular basis, to prevent it from getting really bad.

Learn How to Clean Grout Organically

The best way to clean grout organically is to use vinegar and baking soda together. The oxidizing effect of vinegar and baking soda mixed together helps to remove stains. If you use these separately, they are not as effective at cleaning.

The best way to use this method is to mix 1 quart of vinegar, and add half a cup of baking soda to it. You get a bubbling solution that is pretty effective at cleaning grout areas.

When cleaning grout using vinegar and baking soda, you still want to wear gloves when you clean. Dip your brush into the bucket and scrub the surface of the tile and grout with this solution, until you get rid of the discoloration in the grout lines, and the grout starts to look new and clean once again. Repeat this process over the entire floor, and you’ll see that your floor looks better than it ever has looked before.

tips for cleaning groutThere are many advantages of using organic cleaners to clean grout and tile with. First of all, these organic ingredients are cheap, and are common household items that you can easily find around your home. Secondly, organic grout cleaners are safe. They do not contain harsh, toxic chemicals that are very dangerous especially around children and pets. These two things are the primary reasons why a lot of people choose to use organic grout cleaners over chemically manufactured cleaners.

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