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The Ten Do’s of Cleaning Grout

For most of us, cleaning grout and tile in the bathroom or kitchen wouldn’t make our top ten list. Knowing the right way to clean tile and grout will not only help us to clean faster, but will also make the process more enjoyable. The follow list outlines ten suggestions to make cleaning grout more enjoyable:

  1. grout cleaningUse the right grout cleaner to do the job. This will save you time by helping you to complete the job right the first time. The cleaners I have had the most success with in cleaning tile grout are bleach, Tilex, and 409 Bathroom Cleaner.
  2. After spray the grout cleaner on the wall or the floor, allow the cleaner to soak in for 10 to 15 minutes. This will make it easier for you to loosen the grime and dirt that could be lodged in the grout between the tile.
  3. When you start cleaning grout and tiles that have discolored grout, start by scrubbing the grout with a brush first. More than likely, once you finish the grout your tiles will be practically cleaned anyway.
  4. When you use any cleaners stronger than vinegar, you want to make sure you rinse the tiles off with water and dry them completely when you finish.
  5. To help get rid of grout stains, you can make a grout paste out of common household material. Mix baking soda, salt, and a little water. For cleaning tile grout, use a brush to apply to the tile and scrub for a few minutes until the grout get cleans. Another thing that will work well is bleach. I have even heard that you can use hydrogen peroxide to help get rid of grout stain. I look forward to trying this out next time I clean.
  6. If you are cleaning a large tiled floor, you may want to use a knee pad or a cushion. You can get one in the gardening section at Home Depot or at Lowe’s for about $3. They are great to have around.
  7. Another good idea is to listen to music while you clean, this helps the time pass quicker, and it can also be very enjoyable.
  8. If you find some discoloration you can’t fix, try using a grout pen for quick and easy touch-up on discolored tile grout.
  9. After the tile is clean, it is a good idea to use mats in places that get a lot of traffic. This way the grout won’t get nearly as messy. Three places to consider are hallways, entrance way and near the kitchen sink or fridge.
  10. Since grout is porous, you may also consider using a grout sealer that will seal the pores and help the tile grout to resist grime, dirt and bacteria.

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