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Seal Your Grout and Tile

grout sealerThe best way to seal your grout and keep your tile looking new and clean year after year is to use a professional grout sealer. You want to apply grout sealer at least two or three coats to the surface of your grout.

Make sure that your floor tile and grout is clean before applying the sealant. If you see that your floor tile is dirty and has discoloration, use bleach cleaner to help remove the stain. Sealing off your tile preserves the integrity and the color of your tile, making it look clean and new once again.

How to Seal Grout

When you are learning how to seal grout, make sure to use a bottle roller applicator or a bottle brush, if you want to make sure to go over all of your grout lines with the grout sealant. After it dries, go over them all again. You can do it with a hand brush, but if you use a roller brush it just works faster. Also applying at least two or three applications keeps the grout sealed for longer.

Make sure to seal your grout and tile at least once every few years. People who don’t seal their grout end up spending a lot more time cleaning it. Using a grout sealer can help to keep up the original color of your grout. If you’re using stone, or unpolished tile, you may want to use a grout sealer on them also. Using a grout sealer will keep them from losing their color over time.

You will know you have enough grout sealer, if the grout no longer absorbs any more sealer. The sealer can create a thin layer of protection on top of the grout. This is great because it prevents your grout from getting damaged by water, or strong cleaners.

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