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How Fast Can You Steam Clean Your Tile Grout?

grout steam cleanerAfter you let your steamer in and let it warm up, it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to clean your grout and tile. Steam Cleaners are very effective at cleaning grout in kitchen, bathroom and hallways. It is a very quick and easy way to clean indoor tiled areas. The easiest way to do it is to use a nylon tip brush on the head of your cleaning wand. Nylon is nice because it doesn’t scratch or damage the tile. Plus, the brush can also aid in scrubbing and helping to remove the discoloration that is in the grout lines.

One common mistake is for people to put a lot of pressure on the brush. Putting pressure on the brush won’t get your cleaning done any faster. It will just wear out the tip faster. You need to make sure to keep moving the steam cleaner while you’re using it. And don’t apply too much pressure to the tip. The super-heated water vapor does most of the work for you.

Tips to Follow for a Faster Cleaning

The fastest way to clean your tile grout is to go row by row. Start with the first horizontal row and do that row first. Then do the second horizontal row, and then the third. After you have finished all the horizontal rows, do the vertical rows from one side to the other. You’ll be surprised how quickly and easily it is to remove the discoloration that is in your grout lines. Working in a pattern helps you know that you got everything done properly.

how to clean tile groutAnother good idea is to use a simple detergent to pre-soak the grout with. Make sure that your detergent is acid free. What you will want to do to pre-soak your tile is simply take a bucket with your detergent and a deck brush. Just lightly scrub the tops of the tiles with this detergent. This will help to pre-soak your grout so that you will be able to steam clean it and get it cleaned off much faster. It is important to do your work in sections. If you get too much steam on your tile, it will start to bubble and it will form dirt on the surface. Try to do areas of around 50 ft.² at a time. Once those areas are completely clean, make sure to dry them off before continuing to the next section. This will prevent the dirt and grime you got out from the grout lines from drying on the tile surface.

The amount of time that it takes to clean your tile grout with a steam cleaner will depend on how dirty your tile grout is. Grout that is very dirty will often take longer to clean.

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