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Best Grout Sealers For Sealing Grout – How to Seal Grout

Do I Really Need to Use a Grout Sealer?

Yes, you will need a grout sealer with nearly every type of grout. Because your grout is porous, it can absorb just about any thing that comes into contact with it until sealed. This is why it is so important to seal you grout right away and then keep on doing it regularly. If you don’t seal them, it means your grout will get dirty and stained a lot faster. Even if you do not know how to seal grout, it is worth it to learn so that you will not have to clean then as often and so they will last longer.

How Often Do You Need to Seal Your Grout

Typically, we need to seal grout every 4 to 6 months. Even though it is not that much fun to do to, sealing is important if you want your tile to last and keep it from getting dirty. You need to make sure that your grout is very clean before you apply a grout sealer to it. You should apply at least two coats, but 3-4 is even better.

Some ask for to recommend that you put so much grout sealer on that your grout just won’t absorb any more. I think this is a great way to do it.

Benefits of Sealing Tile Grout

Sealing grout will help make the grout surface smooth and waterproof. It will also take a lot longer for your grout surface to get stained. If you seal your grout on a regular basis, you won’t have to clean it very much at all. In addition, you will have to worry developing grout stains. Using a grout sealer will increase the lifespan and beauty of your grout and tile. You can hire a professional, but learning how to seal grout yourself will save you a lot of money.

What Type of Grout Sealer Should You Use?

The best types of grout sealants that you can use are those that will be cost-effective and do a good job. If you have very small tile (less than 2 inches across) , I suggest that you use a spray on the grout sealant. This is because it is very time-consuming to try to apply a sealer to tiles that are less than 2 inches in diameter. You never want to get your grout sealer on tile that is non-glossy, because it could cause a haze to develop. For most tile jobs, you will want to use a bottle brush applicator, or a roller applicator. You will want to put the grout sealer directly on the surface of the grout. Two very good quality grout sealer brands that come to mind are Stone Tech and Aqua-mix.

How to Seal Grout

When you are learning how to seal grout, you want to make sure you go slow and that you cover the entire surface of the ground. Try to stay in the grout lines as much as possible. As mentioned earlier, you want to use a bottle roller applicator, or a bottle brush applicator. These types of containers contain the grout sealer inside of the bottle. You can also use a brush, but it will take you a bit longer using this method. If you use a spray-on grout sealer, you will save yourself a bit of time now, but it will be harder to keep up later. We recommend that you only use a spray-on grout sealer if your grout is very small. You want to make sure that the surface of the grout stays wet for at least 10 minutes during each application process. This will allow you to get a thick coat of sealant when you are sealing grout. You should apply a grout sealer no more than three days after your grout cures. Make sure that your first application is a good one, and then after that make sure to reapply a grout sealer every six months, to keep your grout clean. (An epoxy grout doesn’t need sealing because it is already waterproof).

When Sealing Grout, Make Sure It Is Clean

You want to make sure that you thoroughly clean your grout and tile before using a grout sealer. This website actually specializes in teaching people how to clean grout and what type of grout cleaners are the best to use. We often recommend using a steam cleaner because steam cleaners can get the job done much faster. If you stay on top of sealing your grout, you won’t have to clean it as often. Two of the grout cleaners that I recommend are Soft Scrub with bleach and Kaboom.

Why Use a Grout Sealer?

how to seal tile groutSealing grout is important because grout is a porous material that attracts and absorbs dirt and grime.  Using a grout sealer extends the life of your tile and grout, and makes future grout cleaning a lot easier. It can also prevent tile from getting damaged by water or moisture. In order to keep your grout looking its best, you should plan on using a grout sealer to help repel dirt and bacteria and keep them away. Putting on a grout sealer will make cleaning your tiles easier to clean, and make you home a lot more sanitary.

Tile and grout sealing is easy to do. You can even do it in less than 30 minutes. If you do it yourself, you can save yourself  money. There are many types of grout sealers to choose from including spray-on grout sealers, sealers that get put on with a brush, and sealers that go on like chalking. Most grout sealants are transparent in color. These products have some of the best online customer satisfaction ratings.

Before you apply a grout sealer, you should first clean your grout. Here’s how:

First, you clean the tile with a vinegar and water mixture.If you have stains, you can make a paste out of equal amounts of salt and baking soda with a bit of water.This is the grout cleaning paste.Using a soft scrubber or a toothbrush, scrub the grout until it becomes clean. Rinse with water or a wet sponge and then dry thoroughly with a towel.

If the tile has a lot of stains, you can use lemon juice or bleach to restore the white grout color. Have patience. Let it soak in for 10 to 15 minutes , then wipe off. Be careful to properly dilute the bleach and never mix the bleach with any other chemicals. Wear gloves and glasses if they are available.

You can also clean grout using a pressure washer or a steam cleaner. Generally, you use a steam cleaner indoors, and a pressure washer outdoors. Both of these tools are very effective at cleaning tile and grout.

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