What is the Point of Sealing Your Grout?

how to seal tile groutGrout sealing is most important because it preserves the cleanliness and integrity of your grout lines. Without a grout sealer, hard water stains and germs would be attracted to the porous surface of the grout like bees to honey. Grout sealers protect your grout, making it last for a long time.

The first time that you apply a grout sealer is right after you have installed your grout. You want to wait about 48 hours for the grout to cure, then you want to apply the sealer. A good quality sealer will not only keep your grout from getting dirty, but it can also help it to last longer. Sealing the grout gives you a protective coating to it.

Should I Use a Water-Based or a Silicon Grout Sealer?

The most obvious difference between a water-based grout sealer and one made of silicon, is that the one made with silicon is much more expensive.

People recommend you use a silicon sealer in places where there is a lot of water. These places include the bathroom, counter tops, and outside your home. Silicon is a lot more expensive, but the cost isn’t justified. A lot of water-based grout sealers work just as well. They are easier to apply and less expensive. I recommend using a water-based grout sealer instead of a silicon grout sealer.

The easiest way to apply a water-based grout sealer is with a bottle brush, or a rolling bottle applicator. Either way, it is pretty easy to apply.

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