What to Do Before Applying a Grout Sealer?

grout sealerBefore you apply a grout sealer, you want to make sure that the tile floor or counter top that you are going to seal is already clean. You should start by wiping or sweeping the area so that there is nothing left on it.

If there are any stains in the grout lines, you can clean these out with a good quality grout cleaner, or with a bit of diluted bleach. Before you can apply the grout sealer, you need to have the grout as clean as possible.

Once it is clean, you should apply the grout sealer to the grout. Be careful not to get any of it on the tile. The best way to apply it is to use a bottle roller applicator. It is a fast and easy way to cover all the grout lines. You want to make sure to cover the grout lines completely. Also see to it that they are wet for at least 10 minutes before you allow them to start drying.

How Will a Grout Sealer Help Your Tile and Grout?

A good grout sealer will do a lot to keep the beauty and integrity of your tile and grout.

Not only does the grout sealer help to keep the grout, but it is also beneficial for a number of other reasons. First, it makes the surface of the grout not as porous. This means that dirt and bacteria will not easily get into the grout. If you do not have a grout sealer on your grout, then it would just get very dirty every time you sweep the floor.

Another advantage of having a good quality grout sealer is that it allows you to spend less time cleaning. When you do have to clean, it is usually not as difficult, because there is not as much gunk and dirt trapped in the tile grout as there would be, if you did not use a sealer.

Grout Sealing Should Be Done Regularly

Sealing grout is very important. There is an old saying that says “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Well, this is especially true with a grout sealer.

You can have your grout last twice as long and look much nicer if you seal it properly. If you compare the amount of time it takes to apply a sealer to the amount time it takes to tear out your tile and replace it, or to grout your floor or counter top, it will amaze you at how much time it will actually save you, just by applying a grout sealer.

There are several different types of grout sealers that you can use. Some are oil-based, some are water-based, and some of the more expensive grout sealers have silicon in them.

People like oil-based sealers because they penetrate a bit deeper. You need to seal grout lines when they are first installed, and then do it on an as needed basis.