When is the Right Time to a Apply a Grout Sealer?

grout sealantMake sure to thoroughly clean your tile before you even think about applying a grout sealer. The first thing you want to do is to sweep everything up, then mop up the surface of the tile. This way, there’ll be less grime that you have to work with as you are cleaning tile grout.

Most of the time, we recommend that you apply a grout sealer every year. If your grout gets dirty in the meantime, you may want to clean it and seal the grout again.

For periods of heavy traffic, you may want to apply a sealer four times every year. The best way to seal grout, is to apply it with a bottle roller applicator. Basically this type of grout sealer is inside of the bottle and it squeezes on the roller. All you have to do is roll the roller over your grout lines and get them wet. After it dries, repeat the process over and over, until you have achieved a glaze over your grout, and they can no longer absorb any more of the grout sealer.

Water-Based and Oil-Based Grout Sealers

how to clean groutOil-based grout sealers work pretty well for sealing stone and tile. They also tend to penetrate a bit deeper and last longer than water-based sealers. If you are sealing an area that doesn’t get a lot of water like a back splash,  a water-based sealer will work just fine. If you seal an area in your bathroom floor or shower, you may want to use an oil-based grout sealer.

If you use epoxy grout, then you don’t have to go back into it later and apply a grout sealer. Professional grout installers also recommend that you use a sealant to help your grout set when you are installing it. When you do this, you won’t have to seal your grout either.

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