When to Use a Grout Sealer on Your Tile?

how to seal groutThere are two different times to use a grout sealer on your tile. The first is after you have installed new grout. The other time to use a grout sealer is after you have done some cleaning.

After you install new grout, it takes about 48 hours for the grout to cure. Wait until it is fully cured before applying the grout sealer. This is especially important when you’re using sanded grout.

If you have just finished cleaning your grout, it might be time to apply another coat of grout sealer. The reason why you do this is so that you can keep them from getting stained for longer. Make sure that the tile is completely clean before you apply the grout sealer, or you will just be sealing in the dirt.

Effective Grout Sealing

grout sealantThere are two ways on how to successfully seal your grout. One way is to use a brush or a roller to put the sealant on your tile grout. Another way is with the use of a spray. Before applying the sealant to your grout, make sure it is clean and dirt free. If there is mold and mildew or stains on your grout, take it off by using bleach mixed with water. Once your grout is clean-looking, that is the best time to apply your grout sealant. Apply at least 2 – 3 coats and allow it to dry for at least 24 hours, to make sure that the grout is properly sealed. This is to make sure the dirt or stains are not trapped into the grout once you apply the grout sealer.

A spray-on grout sealer is just sprayed on. This works best for tile on walls, and it also works well when you have very small tiles. If you are using this type of sealer, just make sure it is not too slippery.

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