Why Should I Seal My Grout ?

how to seal groutIf you’re wondering, “Why should I seal my grout” you should rest assured that it is not difficult. If you don’t seal your grout, you could end up with a lot of problems. The number one problem is that you’re going to have to spend more time cleaning it.

Without a good grout sealer, the dirt and germs will get trapped in the grout’s surface. If you develop problems like mildew and mold, they can actually eat their way through the grout and destroy it. This means that your grout will not last as long if you don’t seal it.

Before applying a grout sealer, make sure that you have clean tile. This includes sweeping the floor or the counter tops that you want to seal. You don’t want to seal your grout and have it still look dirty.

What Type of Grout Sealer is Best to Use?

Even though there are different types of grout sealers that you can use, typically a water-based sealer does a very good job, and it is good to use on almost any tile and grout surface.

The best time for you to apply a grout sealer is right after you have installed or cleaned your tile. You typically want to do two or three applications just to make sure that the coating is thick. After that, seal your grout every time that the sealer wears out.

Once the seal wears off, tile and grout tends to get dirty really fast. You know it is a time to use a grout sealer if your grout and tile are starting to get dirty.

In addition to that, sealing grout is important because it prevents it from getting damaged by water. Water can break down and eventually destroy the grout.

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